Soothing Music And Its Effect On Conversations

I love music in the ceiling radioWho doesn’t love music? Getting a quality audio from an in ceiling radio and an in ceiling speakers when you’re playing your favorite music while chatting with your best friend is an extraordinary experience. I can’t imagine talking for hours without a background music playing. I don’t know if it’s my personality but I just can’t have a great conversation in the absence of a good music.
My wife and I agreed that no matter what happens we would spend time everyday to talk about what happened to us during the day or just talk about anything under the sun. We do this over a glass of wine and a good music coming out from our kitchen audio. We just enjoy talking about anything. Twelve years of marriage doesn’t change the way we think about each other, it even strengthens us in ways that we can’t even imagine.
I believe that music touches us emotionally. The effects of those collections of sounds interspersed by silence can be very strong and can transport you to another place, a place where you feel safe. It’s totally bizarre and it’s totally hard to understand. But my wife and I have experienced its power on our relationship. Music adds flavor to our conversations.
Imagine having a romantic dinner with your fiancé without any music on the background. It would be dull right? Your fiancé might say “NO” to you if you take her out on a date like that. Or imagine drinking in a bar with your friends without a pipe in music, you might end up going home drunk over a bottle of milk.
Music will make you remember those memorable moments within that conversation. It will make you remember all those sweet words that you utter to each other. Music connects me to my wife in ways that are unimaginable. It connects our emotions and the moments that we have spent together.
Music is one of God’s greatest gifts to us and its effects on conversation are incomparable. It’s all about emotions and connections.


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